Winter Annuals


  • Think about where you might need to fill in spaces in the garden so when you divide your perennials later you know where they are going.
  • Get flower beds and pots ready for potted colour and winter annuals.  Think about colour schemes, textures and variations.


  • Now is a good time to dead head the roses.  Throw on some Permafert and a sprinkling of Blood  & Bone, deep water and wait for a renewed April flush of flowers as a reward.
  • Cut off old, spent blooms on your cosmos so that the plant doesn’t expend all its energy making seeds yet. There is still time for that after their next lot of flowers.
  • Cut back catmint as still time for a new flush of growth and flowers.
  • General tidy up of shape and cutting off spent flowers on perennials as they continue to flourish in the autumn light.


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