Tool of the Month – April

Japanese Hand Hoe

The Japanese Hand Hoe, with ash grip, is a wonderful tool for all kinds of gardening. If you have a small back yard garden with lots of no dig boxes or garden pots then this is the ideal garden tool for you.

Its great for making small holes for planting, for weeding and using around rocks and hard to reach areas. Its great for cutting small weeds and their tap roots out. The hand hoe is an all round great garden tool.

Weeds and grass don’t stand a chance with this hoe. Available for right and left handers, this hand hoe has a blade that is offset to the centre of your body, making it easy to see where you are weeding. It works great when weeding under mulch too.

  • Great for weeding
  • Cultivating Soil
  • Loosening weeds and pulling out plants
  • Aerating soil
  • Great for weeding under mulch


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