Sociana's garden in Taradale - A beautiful garden is a work of heart
In Autumn 2012, I purchased the vacant block of land next to my home in Taradale.  I am the most impatient person, and started the garden at the worst possible time.  No idea of the planning, just knowing the type of plants I wanted to grow.
The day I took possession I had the excavation and bobcat team lined up at 8am to start work.  Two hundred cubic metres of clay on the block was taken away and replaced with three hundred metres of compost, manures, soil and four hundred bales of pea straw; this being my interpretation of a no dig (and no weed) garden.  At times the goings on have been like Bourke Street!  Simon the stonemason has done extensive stone walling for the garden beds, walk ways and paving.

In the garden we have planted (and I say we, as Craig, John, Dave and Jane have all planted and moved barrow loads of soil) 150 old species roses, 2 x forest of trees have been planted on either side of the Moon Gate, ranging from Forest Pansy, Crab Apples, Dogwood, Magnolia, Nysa, Crepe Myrtle and I'm sure trees who's names I have forgotten.  On the other side of the Moon Gate are my favourites, a hedge of Magnolia, a hedge of red plants, Nandina Berberis and a lawn of beautiful Crocus. 

We also have a pond with some sculptured rocks of granite placed in the water.  This is surrounded by Box Balls, hedges, red stemmed Dogwood, red stemmed Maples, Berberis, numerous Chinese Elms and some beautiful species of Maples, some of which are as old as 30 years.

The time in creating this garden has gone so quickly, now I just have to wait patiently for the trees to grow...