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Garden Calendar
Although you may not believe it Spring is on the way.
August is the time to prune your roses in this climate and to clean up any dead foliage from around the plants,this will minimise the spread of disease.
Roses can then be fed with an all purpose rose food. We would recommend grow better organic fertilizer I would leave mulching until next month or even October depending on the weather.
August is also a good month to apply a general purpose fertiliser ( grow better organic fertilizer ) to established trees and shrubs and to clear a circle around the base of any encroaching grass.

Hellebores are at their best at this time of the year, cutting back the old foliage makes for a better display and ensures fresh new leaves over the summer period.

What to do...
Perennial plants that have had a good display of seed heads will be starting to deteriorate and can be cut down now, making way for the new seasons growth.
These areas of the garden too will benefit from a general purpose fertilizer .

And of course the perennial task of weeding, keeping on top of this while the weeds are small is the best way and prevents them seeding, and you know what they say " one year seeding seven years weeding"

A walk around the garden in Winter is always informative and high lights areas which may need more structure or areas of over crowding, and it is worth considering a Winter garden, my winter garden is an area of silver birches under planted with red stemmed Cronus  and nandina - it sparkles  at this time of year.

Happy gardening and stay warm.
What to plant...
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